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About Us

Our Mission

Capital Speakers Club of Washington DC, Inc. has a proud history of serving women of the Washington metro area through objectives set forth by the club's founders in 1951. These objectives still apply today.  
They are:
  1. To perfect the technique of speech;
  2. To benefit from continued speaking before an audience;
  3. To promote an exchange of ideas and to foster mutual understanding among women of different nations by means of public speaking;
  4. To encourage all forms of education by means of public speaking.

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The Capital Speakers Class

The Capital Speakers Class has a long and distinguished history of training prominent women of Washington to become more effective speakers.  The class provides students with a thorough understanding of the communication process and extensive practice in public speaking.  The class focuses on the development and refinement of speaking skills through individualized coaching and evaluation. Students gain confidence and skills applicable to a wide variety of professional and social situations.

The Capital Speakers Classes meet weekly for eight weeks, starting in January and September.  Students are sponsored by club members, and graduates are invited to join their sponsor's chapter of the Capital Speakers Club.  Jean Costanza Miller, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Communication at The George Washington University, has been teaching the classes for over twenty years.

Club Activities

The Capital Speakers Club is comprised of three chapters.  Each chapter schedules six luncheons annually.  The entire membership comes together for January and June Joint Luncheons, for the Fall Tea, the Annual Winter Ball, a Fall workshop and Spring special event. These events offer members many opportunities to improve public speaking skills.  Luncheons and workshops feature international honored guest speakers, distinguished in professional, cultural, civic, diplomatic or social activities.

Capital Speakers Club Foundation Scholarship Award Honoring Hester B. Provensen and Jean C. Miller

In 2024, the CSC Foundation Scholarship celebrates 25 years of awarding scholarships to students pursing university studies in communication, speech or drama. The Foundation has awarded over $175,000, supporting 32 talented young women to use their voices to make a difference. The Club Scholarship Committee reviews applications each year and selects the best qualified student.